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What is your favoured draft position?


I’ve never ever been first pick before - always tend to be mid or later picks. Did mock draft before at 1st and not sure I liked it. Went for DJ, then Fournette, Gronk in first 3 picks. Feel I went too early on Fournette. I’ll never ever ever draft Gronk again because my WR ended up being Keenan Allen and Davante Adams.

So where do you like to go and why? What’s your strategy?


Prefer to draft from 8-10 range in a 12 team league. Enjoy the quicker turn on round 2.


Mine varies every year. It’s all about who is avaible where and what kind of bargains and values i can get according to my rankings. Like this year, i want the first to third pick. I have seen some amazing teams come out of mocks in that area.


I am in a 16 team, PPR redraft league. The league has been around for 12 years, and no #1 pick has ever won a championship; however 5 championships have been won from the 14-16 slots, including the last two years. I find that there are usually only about 20 real difference makers at the top of the draft (then there’s a talent drop off), so you really need to be in a spot where you’ve got a chance to grab 2 of the top 20. But that’s just my leagues experience.


I drafted number 1 last year but my league did the unthinkable and took Russell Wilson and Eli Manning (I know right?!?) I had Green, AB and Keenan after 3 rounds and got late round RBs that helped. Injuries killed me but I digress. I think most times I rather be late rounds like 8 to 10 range. I love the back to back picks and I see to find value. 1 is overrated in snake style imo.


Depends on the year. This season, I would want to be in the top 3 to grab one of the big 3 RB’s. If I couldn’t get one of those spots, the bottom 3 will build a good team.