What is your Ideal start to a draft?

If you’re in a league where you start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX what would be your ideal start?

2RB, then WR

2WR Then RB

1 each.

where you prefer to go heavy? Obviously i’m ignoring best available theory here as i just want to know what makes you feel more comfortable. If you love WR to start but like ZEKE feel to pick 8 i know you take zeke just looking at what would you feel best about to start/

It’s so hard to answer this question.

Starting with Gordon, Gurley, Cooper is nothing like starting DJ, Dalvin Cook, Keenan Allen.

My comfort in the first three rounds is dictated on risk adverse players.

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willis nails this. i dont care how my draft starts. like obviously i would love to start a draft with zeke, CMC, barkley, or kamara. but im going with the best player available at both of my spots, that have the least amount of risk. so if i get hopkins and MT, great. if i get kamara and mixon, great! i will say that i have noticed that my second round RBs all seem to be mostly risky in my eyes. like cook, gurley, chubb, williams. but there are very few WRs in the second im not ok with. so with that in mind, if i were to give a hard answer it would be, i go RB then WR. it happens more often than not in mocks for me anyway.

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Heed the advice of our hosts, stay water, pick the best value available regardless of position in those first 4-5 rounds, then start worrying the rest of your roster construction.