What is Zeke's trade value?

Zeke has a rough remaining schedule, and the Cowboys are going no where fast. Are you ready to trade Zeke? If so, what is an appropriate asking price for him?

For scenario specifics, the league is 0.5 ppr, with points every 20 yards rushing/receiving and 3 pt. bonuses at 100 yards. This makes a stand-out performance more dependent on 100 yards or a TD. My other RBs are James Conner, CMC, and Mark Ingram. I will need to start two but can start 3.

I’ve got an offer for OBJ straight up.

Are you taking it? Do you think that’s fair. Without thinking about it too much, I don’t know which guy I’d rather have in that situation.

My other backes are Conner, Chubb, Howard, and A Jones; so i feel rather comfortable with my depth at RB. Just traded my 2nd round pick next year for Nuke, and i might take this trade to pair OBJ with Nuke and thielen. Start all 3 of them ROS and 2 backs.

I traded Collins and OBJ for Elliot and R. Woods in week 3 when my RB situation was pretty terrible. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s a great trade for you though. Woods has been really good and Collins is :nauseated_face:

i just offered and was declined on chubb and kittle for zeke and cook and kittle for zeke, so i imagine most people are still considering him a top 10 rb.