What keepers should I take?

Hey footclan looking for some advice and insight on who I should keep. it’s a .5 ppr league and I get 3 keepers from players selected after the first 3 rounds. I am keeping Jordan Howard for a 10th round pick for sure but I’m dicey on the other 2 let me know what you think!

Jamaal Williams for a 14th
Alex Collins for a 11th
Zach Ertz for a 8th
Tom Brady for a 9th

Also I don’t have a second round pick this year so take that into consideration thanks everyone!!

as a rule, i dont keep TEs or QBs unless there is no other choice. so that makes it easy. jamaal for a flier in the 14th, and collins for another flier in the 11th. only other thing i would think about is not keeping anyone but howard. dunno if you are allowed to do that. honestly, there are no values here. nothing to really assure yourself a good pick at a good value. ertz i guess, because there is a big drop off after him and you are still getting him at a 4 round premium. man, its not often i say this. but if you have to keep 3, i might actually go ertz and brady. or at least ertz and jamaal. take your packer RB flier and hope for the best.

Honestly I was thinking about only keeping Howard but I do also like the value of ertz. Or at least trying to trade ertz or Brady for another pick lol

I’d go Zach Ertz and Alex Collins all the way! Baltimore had every opportunity to replace Collins in the draft and through free-agency, but didn’t. He’s in line to be the starter and I don’t see that changing this year. To get him in the 11th is an absolute steal!

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I just worry about K. Dixon taking over

Honestly, Howard, Ertz and Brady isn’t that bad here. Either that or take a flier on Williams but then you banking on Packers ignoring Jones superior running talent in favor of Williams’ better Pass Pro, which isn’t unreasonable.

Howard is huge value obviously, and then Ertz although not great, is still decent couple rounds of value and given the huge drop off after him, having a top flight TE is pretty good.

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I mean it’s an 11th round pick. Even if he does take over, you didn’t lose much. On the other hand is collins keeps his job, you got a pretty solid RB2/3 in the 11th round which is good value.

Even if Dixon does take over, going to take a few weeks so you’ll still get usage out of collins.

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Yeah it’s a tough decision!