What kind of players would you trade AB for?

So neither of my teams have AB, but I’m curious as now that the Raiders have released AB, would any of y’all take a gamble on him coming back and trade one of your lower end players for him down the road? Would you do it after a week or two? Curious to see your guys’ thoughts.

I’d trade for him for a wr3/flex. Depends on what the other team needs. I’m debating on offering one of my bench wrs for AB. Have Gordon, crowder, Marvin Jones and Curtis Samuel. Depending what’s needed could do a multi player trade.

This has all been so fast and furious I’m just pumping the brakes for awhile…

I tried to trade $3 and a bag of Lays for him. The guy countered with $3 + Lays + SunDrop. I accepted, but then he said he wanted to sub the Lays for Doritos and that’s where I drew the line.

Want to get him cheap if he ends up in a good place like Seattle that needs a wr

He’s on the Pats, the window for cheap trades has closed…

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