What kind of value is Adams worth?

I’m .500 right now, so I’d love to hold him, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford to these next couple weeks he could be out. Not to mention he still has a bye coming. I know it’s somewhat league dependant, but for a straight up trade in most leagues is he worth somebody like a Theilan or Golloday? Or can I do better?

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I honestly don’t think you can do better bro. Could possibly do worse. He’s an amazing player but turf toe lingers. He’s going to be out plus a bye as you said. But even when he’s cleared to play, will he? And how effective can he be? I’d say no more than a distraction at first. If there’s someone in your league that can afford to wait and see, target that guy. Otherwise you’re trying to sell magic beans

How? Week 6 just started :thinking:

Sorry, I should have clarified, this week doesn’t look good for me, so will probably be .500

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Thanks, I’d say you’re right. There are a couple guys in my league with winning records that have receiver options. I’ll probably try to deal with them, knowing they can afford to wait on Adams.

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I had Devante in 2015 when he wrecked his ankle. He came back after 4 weeks and proceeded to destroy my team because I kept chasing his talent but his body didn’t want to cooperate. I went from in the playoffs to out within 2 weeks of his “return”. He was a pure decoy with no production. He doesn’t heal well.