What level/tier of WR are you targeting while

I need to drop 1 player for a K come Sunday afternoon, but have been trying to do a 2-for-1 in the mean time, but of these 3 possible drops, what level of WR are you trying to get in return for them? Have been denied a bit so far on a number of offers:
*Jordan Wilkins IND
*Sony Michel NE
*Alfred Morris SF

My other RBs are M Gordon, A Collins, J Howard, J Williams, and C Thompson, while my WRs are OBJ, JuJu, E Sanders, and S Watkins. 10Team PPR.

Would go for Kupp but don’t think I can give up any 2 of these players for him, only straight up. But anyone better than Kupp have basically been declined thus far. Would also do it for a RB, but have been declined for both Crowell and T Coleman with all combinations of 2-for-1s for both guys. Very interested in your guys’ thoughts on what/who to target. Thanks.