What moves can or should I make!?

Full PPR should I go out and try and trade for an RB or WR? I feel like WR are pretty solid but RB is so so.
Qb: Jackson, Allen
Rb: kamar, Sony, Ekeler, Coleman
WR: Evans, Edelman, Lockett, Anderson

I’m fine with those RBs. Is there a team in your league that has excess RBs to trade for?

No one really has an excess of RB but for the most part everyone is willing to trade anyone. I’m in 3rd now, I have a decent team just don’t know if it is enough to get me over the hump come playoff time

To answer your original questions: “should I go out and try and trade for an RB or WR?”

ABT. Always be trading.

It would be advantageous for you to be offering Sony and Anderson to every team for their RB1 and see if their interested. Repeat every two weeks.

Was offered sony and Lockett for fournette. Worth it? Or leave it

I prefer Fournette. Think he could be a league winner. But giving up Lockett is tough.