What moves should I look to make after Week 1?

So I’m in a 12 man full PPR league and this is my team:

Josh Allen
Tarik Cohen, Latavius Murray, AP
Lizard King, MVS, Kenny Stills

Although I’ve lost my week 1 barring Waller going for 23, I feel my team is mostly solid except for my QB’s consistent upside and WR upside.

It’s a 4 pt PASSTD / 6 pt RUSTD league. Winston looked awful and I remember Mike saying QBs take a while to learn Arian’s offence. Allen might be okay moving forward though? I’m unsure.

Lockett still only had 2 targets and Wilson hardly threw, Thielen although I like him I wouldn’t mind trading to not be double dipping on Minnesota, and Boyd although a decent game I don’t really like the Bengals OL down the stretch plus AJ Green will be returning down the road.

A couple trade options I could pitch include trading multiple midtier players for OBJ from a team that scored 80 this week & 18 on the bench, trading Thielen for AB from a team that also has Gordon, and trading for a QB on a team that has Ryan/Ben/Dak but Lindsay/Penny/M. Gordon. I’m open-minded though as to what players you guys think I could buy low after week 1 that could help my team. Thanks Footclan!