What pick do you like best?

I’m curious where people like to pick in their drafts. The reason I ask is a redraft league of mine is allowing players to pick their draft position, based on inverse standings from last season. I unfortunately will have one of the last choices and likely wont have very good options. It’s a 12 team snake draft.

I am in the same situation, I have the 11th pick in my redraft tonight in a 12 team snake. I’ll report back tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I’m hoping OBJ or Hopkins falls…

As long as i avoid the edges and the middle i’m fairly happy. My choice if i had my pick of all places would be 4th, you get one of the big four RBs guaranteed and usually the last of the tier 1 WRs on the return, plus at 3.04 you can get a solid RB2 or grab a Gronk if you wanted the advantage their.

As you’ll probably be at the other end, I’ve had a lot of success from the 9 and 10 spot. Similar reasons as above and you tend to start with either your pick of OBJ/Hopkins or Gordon/Fournette/Hunt and get a high grade player on the return, would be happy wither either

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I had 11th last year and finished in 2nd!

Wouldn’t be at all surprised if you can start with OBJ or Hopkins given how the mocks I’ve done have shaken out. Could end up with a choice of Dalvin, Julio MT and Freeman on the way back too. Not a bad way to start!

where do you mock?

Either Sleeper or Fantasy Pros at the moment, mixed with bots or users. Been getting a lot of OBJ towards the end of the first round and then a mix coming back, WR/WR was best for tier based but my home league is standard scoring so i can’t afford to miss on a RB early

Fantasyfootballcalculator.com is a good one too

They have an app also which makes it really convenient.

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Ah yes forgot they had one, I’ll try it out!

Just a follow up from the draft last night.

With the 11 pick, I managed to get Hopkins at 1.11 and Julio at 2.14

Then went McKinnon at 3.35 and Royce Freeman at 4.38.

At 5.59 I grabbed Kerryon Johnson and 6.62 went with Hogan.

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Nice work with Hop and Julio that’s a nice start. Got to ask though who was on board at RB/WR when you took McKinnon? I see him as a bust this year and wouldn’t want anything to do with him, especially as my RB1… Like the rest of the draft though, good value on Hogan as well

Yeah, I was stoked about my WR… not so sure about the RB’s… need a little help/luck at that spot.

Kenyan Drake, Derrick Henry, Alex Collins were the other choices at RB.

Jordan Howard slid all the way down to the pick before me (3.34)… that would have been really nice.

Yeah that’s not wonderful, i might have gone with Collins or Drake there as they are better runners, real shame about Howard that would have been a nice opening three!

If someone has safer RBs and they like McKinnon i’d try and trade him but otherwise you may have to stick with him

So 1-6 have already been taken, I think I am leaning towards 10. I already draft 7 in another league and would like a slightly different team.

I think 10 is a good spot, someone will fall there and the short turn gives you a strong 2nd pick too. Better RB choices as well if someone like OBJ, Hop falls to you at 10 and you prefer them over Gordon, Fournette and Hunt for example