What pieces would you give up to get Gurley?

Hello Footclan,

12 team full PPR league. The Gurley owner has only Gurley and Kelce, the rest of his team has been busts. I have a ton of depth and feel I can get him from a desperate 1-3 owner. I certainly do not think he is a foolish person so I will need to make a fair trade offer. I am not sure how much to give up from a roster I am quite confident in even if I stand pat. What would you give up for Gurley?

QB- Rivers
RB- Gordon
RB- K. Johnson
WR- G. Tate
WR- K. Allen
TE- Njoku
Flx- Corey Davis
DST- Stream (Sea this week)
K- Stream (Lutz this week)

BN- Larry Fitz
BN- Edelman
Bn- M. Ingram
BN- B. Powell
BN- D. Lewis
BN- A. Jeffery
BN- A. Cooper

Gordon and K. Allen, Tate, or Davis. 2 for 1.

How about if I do not include Gordon?

I think he is in dire enough straights in terms of his depth where I think I could get him without having to give up Gordon.

Then I’d offer K. Allen and Tate or Davis for him. Maybe throw in Lewis or Ingram for him.

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I was thinking of trying Tate, Cooper, Lewis and Ingram as an opener.

Yea, I just don’t think anyone really wants cooper. But maybe he does? I think a better trade offer would have to include Davis and Tate plus an RB.

Haha this is a true statement. I will offer this as my opener to see if I can actually offload Amari Cooper as some sort of miracle. However, I am willing to give up “more” but I usually start with a decent trade (that shouldn’t offend them) but do not offer the house with the opener.