What players should I keep?

I am in a 10 team, non ppr, standard scoring league on ESPN. I get 6 keepers, who should I keep?
QB- Dak Prescott
RB- Joe Mixon, Lamar Miller, David Johnson, Jay Ajayi
WR- Odell Beckham Jr., Demaryius Thomas, Amari Cooper, Devin Funchess, Marvin Jones
TE- Rob Gronkowski

Wow that is a really tough choice; can you make offseason trades? I think packaging 2 for 1 would be good for you. But, to answer your question, my 6 would be:
OBJ, David Johnson, Cooper, Gronk, Ajayi, Mixon.

I think Miller, D. Thomas, Funchess, Jones and Mixon are all viable options; therefore, I would package 1 of them with Gronk, Cooper, or Ajayi and go after a clear cut stud.

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OBJ, DJ, Mixon, Cooper, Ajayi, Gronk

Same as the guys above me. DT is a good alternate if you don’t believe in one of the previously mentioned keepers.

Obj, david Johnson, joe mixon, ajayi, gronk and DT