What QB to trade for Playoffs?!?

I am trying to trade K. Drake for a QB 8-0 looking to complete my roster I looked at the best matchups week 14-16 who should I trade for?

Cam Newton @Cle, NO, ATL

Big Ben @OAK, NE, @NO

Drew Brees @TB, @CAR, PIT

Tom Brady @MIA, @PIT, BUF

Russel Wilson Min, @SF, KC

Rodgers ATL, @CHI, @NYJ

Cam and that Carolina team are legit…
Tough choice because all of these QBs are so good, but I would go for Cam first with very close second choice being Brady…

edit: the reason I value Cam over Brady is because he has been rushing a lot this season, and has 4 rushing TDs already this season which adds to his value…Of course Brady is better pure passer, but with the rushing yards/TDs Cam can give I would slightly choose him over Brady…

I agree 100 on Cam. I have Cam and Ryan and am no longer debating at all who I want to use in a trade this week. I wish Rivera would let him run as much as he really wants to inside though ha. Might have had 15 or so more points this week…

It’s the matchups, as the other reply called out as well, that really make him a clear choice IMO. Also because the NFC South always comes down to the wire and these games should be hard fought battles. Brady might not have the same level of necessity to leave it all out on the field those last few weeks.

There are 300 yard bonus 350 yard bonus and a 400 yard bonus 5 points each does that change your mind?