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What RB could I target?


RB situation: Kamara, Breida, Lindsay, Powell, Smith

What level RB could/should I target if I were to pair Greg Olsen and one of the above (minus Kamara obviously) - presumably to someone who needs a TE (my #1 is Ebron)

Some options on teams with weak TE:
Bell, Coleman, Murray, Peterson, Cohen, Cook

Standard Scoring


coleman or bell


Who would you package with Olsen for either Bell or Coleman?

Bell owner has Rudolph as TE and Cook, Petersen, Cohen, and Wilkins as other RBs
Coleman owner has Swaim as TE and Elliot, Mixon, Coleman, Murray, and Chubb as other RBs (so more TE need and more room to lose a RB)


Doubt you can get Bell, Elliot or Mixon with any offer including Olsen. In order of favs i like Coleman, Petersen, Cook, Murray, Chubb. Maybe you could swing Ito and Olsen into Coleman?


Wondering if a straight Olsen for Coleman could work? Would be nice to have Ito and Coleman in case one does run away with the role.


Doesn’t hurt to offer. Assuming Olsen is healthy that’s an even trade to me


OR!! Olsen + Ito for Mixon so that the Coleman owner has the cuff :slight_smile:


I just doubt they would do that unless somehow your scoring format makes TEs the most important position


Nah, I don’t expect it to work BUT they have RB depth and a bad TE need so weirder things have happened (i.e., I moved Baldwin and Chris Thompson for Hopkins earlier in the year :))

If it goes through - amazing! If now, a quick reject can make a trade for Coleman seem not as bad


Yes! that would be worth exploring


So, they accepted the offer… I GET Mixon for Olsen and Ito!


thats a steal damn


Baller status


The good news is that I have Mixon
The bad news is that I played against the (previous) Mixon owner this week and lost :frowning: Got wrecked mostly because they had the Rams defence and Murray
Have to play the long game though!


same here traded for mixon and he won xD