What RB to take from this group in Round 2?

I have the first pick in my fantasy football draft this weekend and it’s a full point PPR 10 team league. I’m going back and fourth between Bell and Gurley at 1 . However, my 2nd round pick is where I get stuck. I would like to go RB in round 2 due to the lack of depth at the position and I noticed in Mock Drafts that most of the higher tiered WRs are gone by pick 20. RB’s available at pick 20 for me in mocks are Freeman, McCoy, McKinnon, Mixon, and Howard…what RB’s do I take from that bunch in round 2?


If Freeman is there, 100% take him. I have him at mid 2nd round and would be perfectly fine taking him top of the 2nd as well. If he’s not there, I’m personally fading all of the other RBs and get WRs. I draft BPA and not on positional need. I strongly suggest you reconsider locking yourself into an RB/RB open if value isn’t there. Really screws with the rest of the draft and you end up passing up the value and letting others take advantage.

Plenty of good RBs in the 4th round + who can easily outproduce guys like McKinnon.

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I would lean Bell btw at 1 if it’s full point personally. Of those I would go Howard personally, but Freeman would be perfectly fine. I think they are both very safe bets this year. I normally don’t see Howard that far down though. I honestly would start to think about taking Gronk at that spot too.

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Thanks, so going RB-RB with my first two picks isn’t a good idea unless Freeman is there? And I agree I’m not high on McKinnon at all. In mocks I am also looking at GRONK with my round 2/3 picks.

Thanks, I agree. I have been locking in on GRONK with my 2nd and 3rd round picks

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Yes. I never go into a draft saying I’m going this position or that position. I take what falls to me. If you’re an early pick, obv you take one of the best RBs cause that’s the best advantage you can get. But at the turn, settling for a lower tier RB over taking someone like an AJ Green for example, is ill advised. The reason is because in the first 3 rounds, players typically produce where they fall so reaching for players really hurts you there vs reaching in later rounds where you won’t feel the effects as much. AJ green was a top 10 WR last year when it was literally the worst year of his career with the worst situation ever. I fully expect him to rebound this year to at least his career averages. he has no competition for targets and Ross will actually help stretch the field for him so he doesn’t have double coverage every play. He is someone who has top 5 WR upside. Imagine taking someone like McKinnon over him who I think will probably finish outside of top 20 RBs and maybe even top 24. That is a league losing move.

Gronk is a frequent late 2nd/early 3rd target of mine and I would much rather own him than any of the RBs you mentioned above.

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Awesome! Thank you!

Freeman > Mixon > WR

McKinnon and McCoy aren’t options in the 2nd. And McKinnon isn’t for several more rounds after that.

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