What RB/WR combo for Barkley?

Guy in a 12-team Full PPR league put Saquon on the trading block immediately after the draft. He wants RB/WR offered. Asked for my Jacobs/R.Woods. Declined immediately. However, still intrigued in trading for Barkley. What RB/WR combo out of these players could/should I offer? RBs: Mixon, K.Hunt / WR: R.Woods, AJ Brown, Gallup, DJax.

Shat are you willing to give up? He’s going to want one of your top two RB’s for sure.

Do you want Barkley a lot?

Who do you like more: Mixon or Jacobs? You’ll likely have to pair one of them with one of the WR’s.

Maybe one of those RB’s with Gallup?

Pair one of your top two RBs with Gallup. Giving up another WR doesn’t make too much sense points wise