What’s a fair trade to move up from 12 to 4 (12 team Dynasty)

Dynasty start-up, 12 teams, PPR, 10 starters (QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 RB/WR/TE), 18 Bench).

I’m 12th and looking to trade up. 4th has indicated openness to a trade offer, but did not make a suggestion as to what picks would motivate him. I’m thinking of offering my second and third picks. Then I would draft 4th, 12th, 25th . . . Is that wise? Fair? Enough to motivate? Any suggestions appreciated.


no way hes accepting a trade and not get your 1st.

I would need your 1, 2 and 2019 1 to start a convo

Thanks for your insight, Tim. That’s pretty dang steep. Maybe I’ll just sit tight.

At 4 you guarantee Bell Gurley Zeke Johnson or Barkley…Gotta pay a steep price to move me way off them

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Personally I think you can move up for cheaper than what Tim mentioned however, you are going to need to give him more back than what you mentioned.

That said, in a startup, you are likely not going to want to do a 2 for 1. Especially with a 2nd. You are going to get great players back with both your first and 2nd. Guys like Kamara, Hunt, Gordon, Thomas, JuJu, could all be on your team (maybe even two of them).

Unless he is willing to take a future pick, I wouldn’t do it.

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In a dynasty startup I never want to trade away consecutive picks in the top 4 rounds. The talents drops off and if you only get 1 and 4 you will be chasing talent with fliers. I would look to maybe move up but not at the cost of those top players. Try and our names on those picks, it will help to determine how you feel about the trade


I would probably consider a trade for your first round pick with a second or a third to go with it. Getting an extra pick in the seond or third to drop 8 spots seems pretty fair to me.

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