What’s are my chances

So I’m up by 13 in a non-PPR league and he has Chris Carson tmro night. What are my chances?
I’m also up by 39 in another league PPR and he has wilson and Lockett. What are my chances in that one?

Well your either going to win or lose.

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Oh man… both of these are going to be tough ones. Chris Carson over the last few weeks has floated right around the 10-12 point mark in non-ppr. However he is a little banged up right now and Penny has come on a little as of late so there is a chance you can hold him off.

Regarding #2, if it is a 6 point per passing TD I think you are in some deep trouble. If it is 4, you have a slight chance but still gonna be tough.

Unfortunately, I think it is one or the other for you. If Carson runs in the first couple touchdowns then Wilson should have a slow enough night to get you the W in the second matchup. If Wilson is throwing every TD then you may win the first.

Crazier things have happened though so you might be able to pull both out. Hope for low scoring or a whole bunch of Rashad Penny!

Best of luck!

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So Carson ended my round 1 with that TD run in the 4th. However wilson and Lockett didn’t do much so I won my dynasty round 1.
My dynasty was an orphan that won 0 matchups last season. I traded the 1.01 in the rookie draft for the 1.05 and Kamara and made it in with the most points scored. So I’m happy about turning a loser into a playoff team. Hope round 2 goes well.

Yeah when I was watching last night’s game and Carson ran that TD in I was like “ah damn… That dude from footballers probably lost on that”. Nonetheless, I bet the victory of taking a dog of a team and turning it into a 2nd round contender is probably a little more rewarding. Good luck in round 2!

My dynasty team is in the championship and I’m a 30 point favorite. Can’t wait for the games tmro.

Took down the dynasty championship!!! #footclantitle