What’s Guice dynasty value

I hold the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th pick in my dynasty leagues upcoming rookie draft. My plan was to take Guice and Penny at 2 and 3. Any recommendations now that Guice is out!?!

swap guice for Sony or Ronald Jones

If you have an IR spot and a late pick maybe toss him in it

I can IR anyone and they won’t count against my cap. I was thinking of still picking them both but wasn’t sure if someone’s value jumped Guice with the injury.

Don’t waste a third pick on someone going to IR though

I would’ve said take Michel but he also has a bit of knee problem and actually a condition that probably shortens his career. Honestly, it depends on your team. I’d probably still take Guice. He’s the best RB of the class and 1 season away doesn’t really change that for me.

Preferably though, I’d just trade down and grab one of the later RBs and WR class.

I’d still take Guice very high. If you think h ell last to 6 in your league, that would be nice. Otherwise, I’d take him with 2 or 3.