What’s next? Advice!

Here’s my roster 1st time Dynasty owner.
12 Team PPR 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 4FLEX

I recently traded Dalvin Cook, Ertz, Juju and my 19 1st for Kamario, Allen, Rudolph, and a 19 3rd & 4th. Saints fan approached me immediately for Kamara with a few lame offers. He recently tradeded for Zeke. He asked if I would swap Kamara for Zeke if I threw in Hogan I said I would need another WR in return. Should I just sit tight or do the trade if I could get someone like Hurns?

I know the trade was risky giving up a 1st, but I feel good about my core guys now. I feel Kamara has better upside potential, but Zeke is a little bit safer if he can stay out of trouble. Right now the offer is Zeke Lamar Miller for Kamara Hogan.

Don’t do it! Zeke is a primed candidate to be out of the league in 3 years… If not sooner. He’s just an idiot, truly, and that’s not going to change. He routinely falls out of shape and gets into trouble as soon as the season ends. Kamara is not only much safer, but honestly – he’s just better. Hold onto him and don’t look back, IMO.

That’s an interesting take to say the least. What trouble was he in this year? His production has been top notch so I’m not sure where he’s been out of shape.

No trouble yet.

In a full PPR i’m keeping Kamara, your roster is actually pretty similar to mine with a nice balance in it’s construction over favouring RB/WR. I’m a Zeke owner and a massive Karama fan and in a full PPR i want Kamara, half or standard scoring its personal preference a little but i’d rather Zeke. The difference in PPR is Kamara saw 100 targets last year with 81 receptions… Zeke in a 2016 full season go 40 targets and 40 last year in the games he played. If Kamara gets more touches, he will to start this year anyway but in the future and gets say 1 or 2 more scores he’ll finish higher than Zeke or right there with him most years. Both special RBs but in a full PPR Kamara gets the edge for me, gives him a very safe floor and he looks like the makings of the next McCoy in that i think he’ll have great running and receiving numbers for years to come.

Thanks for the input guys. Unless the offer is great I think I’m gonna roll out Kamara and watch him shred!