What’s the corn on Keenan Allen’s Cobb

Would you sit Keenan Allen this week? Who would you start? Pick one.
Keenan Allen
John Brown
Randall Cobb
Antonio Callaway

I like Allen the most of all of these names, and Callaway the second most.

If Allen is active, start him.

If he isn’t, Callaway’s game is also at 4, and you can slip him in there instead.

I have the same situation, btw.

good luck to us!

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My thought was John Brown might have a good game. He has been on fire lately and the Steelers are getting torched by wide receivers. Biggest worry with Keenan Allen is the game script. If the Chargers go up early and decide to run the ball…

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Yeah…Brown’s a consideration there, too, no question!

Look…it’s a good problem to have. And it’s early. We don’t really know who these guys are yet or what their pattern of production will be.

Go with your hunch…it wouldn’t be stupid to start any of those three (Cobb being the odd man out).

I don’t have Brown on my roster to consider, but I’m in a similar situation:

I started Kupp and I have to choose another WR and a flex out of Keenan, Sammy, Callaway, Marvin Jones, and Aaron Jones. So it’s possible that I roll with Keenan AND Callaway, but right now, I’ve got Keenan and Sammy in with the option to move on from Keenan if necessary. I’ll probably change my mind a thousand times, between now and then, but…that’s where I’m at now.

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