What’s the odds... up 20 points

I’m up 20 points 1/2 ppr - he has barkly and miles sanders going tonight I have Alshon Jeffrey… if I lose I miss the playoffs what ya guys think?

I’ll cross my fingers for you. I have Saquon too and I just need him to outscore Goedert and Jake Elliot…sounds easy but I loss last week with Cook and Tyler Lockett going in Monday night.

So for both our sake’s- lets go.

I’m on the up 20 and Jeffery side not saquon side lol hopefully he does well enough for you to win but I neeed him and sanders to do nothing!

OOOH- gotcha. Well hopefully we can report back with some good news.
Lots of rain today so this game is going to be a mess.

Just cross your fingers. In my first round matchup going into Sunday Night Football I was down 6 but had Russell and Kupp and he had Rams DST. I Was projected to win by 30. I wont by 4.5 and if Kupp didn’t score that TD I would have lost.

What a fucking heartache lost Jeffrey start of that game was like yup it’s over ended up winning by 3 points cause how bad sanders and Barkley are, now it’s gonna be a righ playoffs without my wr2

try to get AJ Brown. I am trying to pick up tannehill to play over Wilson. Hopefully that combo brings us to the championship.

I hardly ever flex WR and I picked Brown just to do that. (I have Tannehill).

I Am curious if I should try to get brown to play over Godwin this week as well. If Jameis is hurt I dont know if I can trust Godwin. ALready have Hopkins and Kupp, but Kupp only had 4 catches last week…