What’s your favorite draft position?

Footclan, if you could choose your favorite position, which would it be? 10-team league standard.

If Elliot’s contract is cleared up for the start of the season my spot if #4. Land a top tier RB1 at the lowest spot possible.

I love the turn. 10 in 10-team. 12 in 12-team. I like being able to take two players back-to-back.

Yeah I’m thinking 7ish might be a good spot considering there are a lot of solid players in this draft early. The drop off in talent is crazy though.

1 or last pick of round 10/12 whatever. I like being able to pick ‘both’ instead of ‘either/or’ if I am up in the air on some things.

i usually love picking 7/8/9 in my 10 team league, but i know the league and always get great value in the 1st and 2nd.

I think this year i want 1/2 because i feel i’ll get some great value late 2 early 3rd.

I like picking 11/12/13 in my 16 team league, can get 2 players that go top 2 rounds in a smaller league. Picked 1st overall once and my team was a trash heap when McCoy busted as the top pick with the Eagles after his monster season the year before