What should I do as the commissioner in our dynasty?

Waivers went through this morning and a guy had added Lil’Jordan Humphrey and dropped Michael Crabtree AND Dante Pettis. I feel like he may have accidentally dropped Pettis, but the guy hasn’t said anything about it. Should I message him to see if he dropped Pettis on purpose, or is Pettis fair game to claim off the waiver wire unless the guy says something?

I had the same problem last year. I would go on that he is fair game. It is the owners job to check and make sure everything is right before they click accept. He may have meant to do it but now that you ask he realizes that he should pick him up real quick.

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I would ask if it was a mistake. Sometimes the drop button is easy to hit accidentally, and it’s not a move that sounds purposeful. Imagine if he dropped Barkley by accident, could ruin his team. I think it is only fair to allow him to revoke the drop. It’s not like he agreed to a bad trade and had the intent of dropping him.

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I ended up asking him and it was a mistake. I just sent Pettis back to his team. Thanks for the advice!