What should I do at 10, 11!?

I’m looking for some advice…Quick briefing on my league/team. I’m in a 10 team PPR league with some interesting keeper rules (can keep up to 2 players, round value goes up 3 rounds each year). I drafted Kamara in the 15th his rookie year, so I’m keeping him in the 3rd this year. I have the 10th pick this year so I get to deal with the back to back selections. My number one target is Kelce, but theres a Chiefs fan in the middle of the 1st, so I know there isn’t a chance he falls into my range. I’m projecting that the first 9 players off the board will be CMC, Cook, Henry, Kelce, Zeke, Jones, Ekeler, Adam, and Saquon.

Where do I go from there??

Option 1 - WR/WR - Draft Hill and Diggs
Option 2 - WR/RB - Draft Hill/Diggs and one of Chubb/Mixon/Taylor/Najee/Clyde
Option 3 - Trade Back - I have an offer on the table to trade Rd 1 #10 and Rd 5 #47 for Rd 2 #14 and Rd 4 #34. Still draft Hill/Diggs at 11 and one of Chubb/Mixon/Taylor/Najee/Clyde at 14.

Let me know what you think!