What should I do? HELP

Just had draft 14 man standard league

Alex Smith
Lesean McCoy
Tevin Coleman
Antonio Brown
Amari Cooper
Kyle Rudolph
Chris Hogan
Rams D/ST

Pierre Garçon
Jimmy G
Calvin Ridley
James White
Frank Gore
John Brown
Adrian Peterson

Obviously not happy with my running back situation. AP, James white could definitely thrive this season but McCoy is risky and Coleman doesn’t need produce enough typically. I have some pretty deep wide receivers. Which players should I trade away and trade for? Thanks!!!

Why do u think McCoy is a risk? He’s a workhorse every year. Injuries are a concern, but nothing u can do about that. You’ll be able to trade John Brown for a better RB if he has a solid first couple games. He’s the #1 on that team

Hey, thanks for the idea to trade brown away! Worried about McCoy because Team losf 3 startng oline, new qb, possible suspension. Thanks again!

Trade away Jimmy G. Not sure why you even have 2 QBs. White will be good early on before Michel/Burkhead come back. You dont have enough pieces to go for top tier guys. I would try and go after cheaper guys who can produce that people are low on / cheap:

Miller, Ajayi, Williams, Aaron Jones, Lynch, etc.