What should I do? My league has gone Crazy!

So i have hit a speed bump. My league currently is a 12 Team .5 PPR league.

I’ve been trying to make the league more fun by pitching ideas to help. I’ve tabled the idea to remove kickers. Ive been lobbying hard to change this. Due to the fact i engage in trash talking they all like doing things to annoy me more. They are now tabling the idea of making it a 2 kicker league to add value to kickers. Ive use logical reasoning to avoid this but they are set on making it a 2 kicker league.

Do i give up on the removing kicker and leave it at 1 OR do i risk it and possibly end up with 2 kickers.

Need thoughts!

Personally I like playing with kickers. They matter in real football, they should matter in fantasy as well. With that said my vote is for keeping it 1 kicker.

If you are looking to spice the league up maybe try offering these:

6 pt pass td and -4 pt interceptions (makes real life good qbs better than real life bad qbs)

scoring for first down (I like 1/4 point per first down) (These matter in real life football)

missed field goals -2 points (could lose a game in real life football, should be a bigger detriment in fantasy)


As someone who plays in exclusively kicker-only leagues, I support your league… yeah jk lmao

I’d leave it alone. I dont mind having kickers, you can stream the position and have a weekly edge on your opponents like QB TE and DST. Dont risk having a poo 2 kicker league lol that sounds awful