What should I do with Cowboys Def?

I am up 1.5 and I still have the Cowboys D. My opponent is done. Should I pull them out or play them in case of stat corrections?

Normally, I would say sit a defense but in this matchup at home vs titans, i find it very hard for cowboys to score you negative points. Mariota surrendered 11 sacks to the ravens and cowboys arguably have a more talented D line. I’ll be shocked if titans manage to score more than like 20 points.

Shouldn’t be a problem unless TEN come out of the bye and blow up like they did against PHI. Even then, a few sacks and a INT or 2 will keep DAL positive against them. Plus DAL likes to slow play so a good portion of opportunity goes out the window for TEN to do anything.

Big difference is that was at home. TEN and Mariota is notoriously bad on the road while DAL is actually much stronger at home, particularly their defense. Perfect storm for another atrocious game by mariota making DAL D my stream of the week.

I would def not sit Dallas D/st just in case of the stat corrections. It would be very hard for Dallas to go negative against a bad offense. Their Dline is pretty amazing. I think 2nd in the league in sacks.

Ten offense isn’t scaring anyone. I don’t think you have to bench here. I think they average around 20 points a game and that includes the blow up vs Philly so the rest of the time they haven’t been that good.

Ummm……do we need to send in the EMS??? LOL…just messing with ya buddy. BUT…WOW…yeah…who’d a thunk it??? :unamused:

I am shocked. But honestly, it’s on dak. The defense got them 2 fumbles in the first 2 drives. And dak throws an INT in the endzone. if the score was 14-0 there, titans would’ve been playing from behind all game and dallas would be blitzing all night which would’ve made it even better for them.

This L is on Dak, not the D.


And for the record…I’ve got Dal D/ST…so yeah…I’m sitting on the edge of my seat here. They’re what I’m depending on to get me the win this week and give our League Leader his “2nd” loss!!!

He’s got Maher. At this point I’ve got him by 11 pts. But at this rate…who the hell knows!!! :smirk:



At least still think I’m gonna be able to pull this one off!!! What about you @hji093 and @MikeMeUpp?

Did you still pull this week off even with the Dal loss??

Thank goodness for those 2 fumbles in the beginning.

Yeah I held too. But man. It’s kind of annoying that the one game i bet against the titans, mariota decides to have a career game on the road. I need to go back further and look but I am 99% sure that was his best game statistically on the road in his career lol.