What should I do with Ekeler?

I’m an Ekeler owner (eight man standard). Drafted him very late in my draft, but with the news of Gordon being back, and maybe playing this week vs Miami, and starting the rest of the season, should I keep Ekeler, try to go for a handcuff, or try and package him in a trade. Roster below

QB: Dak
RB’s: McCaffrey, Carson, Ekeler, Nick Chubb
WR’s: Julio, Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, Robert Woods, Kupp, Hollywood Brown
TE: Evan Engram
K: Butker

I think ekeler will be a flex play each week with upside. I have him as well. With the production he had I don’t think they would Give Gordon 75% of the carry’s. I think it could be more 50/50 but that is to be seen. Could even use both at the same time and put ekeler in the slot.

I traded him for DJ last night lol just offer him up for some low RB1 WR1 guys or RB&WR2s that you like and see if anyone accepts. That’s what I did.

@iNeedFFadvice .
Should I go for this package.

Trade away: Dak, Ekeler, Hollywood Brown

Recieve: Mahomes?

Yes. Do it

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