What should i do with j howard

So last week i traded for jordan howard cus i was in desperate need for a rb i was stacked at receiver. i also have cohen seeing the decreasing snapcount and cohen having another good week is making me nervous on his future wanted some opinions on what i should do with him

Pls help footclan

Considering that you were at desperate need at rb, best thing you can do now is play him. I doubt he can play any worse than he has, and I hope you bought him at a low price tag. But even going into week 7 as I’m trying to buy him low, owners are very reluctant to ship him out.

What are your other options? You definitely can’t drop him, and I would hold on at this point before trading him. Keep playing him - Nagy’s offense is wildly creative and involves a lot of pieces, but howard will capitalize on his carries eventually.

Now my rbs are howard breida yeldon coleman r freeman cohen and dion lewis i figured my best option would to just hold on to him at this point and see how it plays out but because of how hes been i feel like i should keep cohen and not try to trade him like i was originally thinking of doing

I also picked him up the week before last, bought semi-low but we just need to play him and hope for the best now.

I got offered Mark Ingram for Jordan Howard in my league, I’m highly considering accepting it.