What should I do?

I am the Commissioner of my family league and one of my brothers is a big fan of the Pat’s and some one takes advantage of that fact every year and it is normally the same brother-in-law. This year he made a trade that was Gronk and AP for Julio and Jordan Howard. My one brother has now dropped AP for some reason. I had to approve the trade but I don’t know what to do from here.

That can be tough. In my league we have a fairly solid group chat (we use whatsapp) so it is fairly easy to get a vote in if needed. I have had a few odd trades roll through my league so what I do is approve it and then I message everyone (except the trade parties) to see if they vote yes or no. So in my 12 team league, 9 teams can have a say (I don’t vote). Majority wins. In 3 years I think I have had to reverse maybe 2 trades.

If your brother tends to be competitive I wouldn’t worry too much. If his Pat love is making him lose weeks and really not be competitive then might be worth letting him know that you are trying to put together a competitive league. Hopefully he won’t let his Pats love ruin fantasy football for the rest of the league. And Dropping AP isn’t really a bad thing. Think he is my 28th ranked RB this year.

Cheers and good luck!

I don’t think there’s a lot you can do really, other than maybe just have a quiet word letting him know that he can get more value in some of his trades.

If your brother is a Pats fan and likes owning them, then that’s part of how he gets enjoyment from the league.

I think you either have to just live with it, or draft more Pats yourself and use it to your advantage :money_mouth_face: