What should I do

Got a trade I get d bryant for keneen Allen because dez on buy he needs a wr should I do it

If you are a generous person. how cut throat is your league??

I would do this trade. You never know with Allen’s injuries and I think he will do better because the Cowboys will be more relevant.

Would it be an upgrade I’m playing d Funchess this week cause my opponent has cam and I have d Watson and he’s playing w Fuller Allen gets a lot targets but not a lot of points dez has a better floor I guess I saying

I like Allen > Dez ever since dez lost tony romo I feel like he’s never been the same. My opinion is biased I am a cowboy hater in tx :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the problem. General rule of thumb is to chase the targets over points. But for me, the most important part of this trade is you have to consider Allen’s health. He is rarely 100%. The chargers will not make the playoffs maybe he’s fighting a mid-late season injury, I think they will shut him down.

Ty for reply’s I’ll stay with Allen I guess I’m 5-0 right now anyway ps I’m from la visiting my daughter in Dallas at the moment

Funny how that works out. Agreed! Do not mess with your winning formula.