What should I️ offer form Brady The Goat?

My current roster:
QB: A Smith, J Goff
RB: Bell, Hunt, Hyde, Woodhead and D. Martin
WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, T. Hilton, D. Parker
TE: Engram
D: Bears
K: Succop

What should I️ offer for Brady? The dude needs RB and WR?

Not sure I would make a trade considering Smith has been as good as Brady. But if you absolutely want the 2nd best QB in nfl history :grinning: then I would do either of your QB + any of the following (woodhead, martin, D. Thomas, T. Hilton, D. Parker). Would also maybe do Shepard too but I like him ROS a lot.


2nd best SMH…And yea i tried that but the Brady owner wont bite on anything. Yea I’m not trading shepard, i love him ros

Trade A Smith for Wentz. Wentz plays La, NYG, and Raiders in playoffs. Smith plays Raiders, Chargers, Miami.

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I wouldn’t make a trade if I were you, you have a pretty solid lineup. Plus you have Goff who you could spot start if Smith has a tough matchup.

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Ive tried but the dude needs wentz

Yea but idk about Goff yes he has been amazing this year but can he perform under pressure… But yea you are probably right ill hold to what i have. Maybe trade for a defense

I was able to get JAX D/ST for D. Thomas because I didn’t need him because I was solid @ WR. Might be able to find someone in your league willing to do something similar.

I actually just offered D Thomas and D Martin for Jaguars D and McKinnon