What should I trade?

I am trying to upgrade my QB, I want to get either Russell Wilson or dark Prescott from this guy but don’t know what would be a good trade for me

My team:
Josh mccown
Phillip rivers
Doug Martin
Sterling shepherd
Cory Davis

Any help would be appreciated

It depends on his team really, but find out what he needs. You are strong on running backs and selling hopkins high right now is a good idea. I don’t really hate Josh McCown rest of season though, the Jets offence isn’t to bad this year and McCown is doing well.

Doug Martin and rivers
Abdullah and rivers.

Try those first

Then shop out Hopkins while value is still high

PPR or standard? What does his team lack?

Agree with both above. Abdullah/Rivers if not then Martin/Rivers. McCown isn’t a horrible option either, the rest of your team looks pretty solid.

It’s 1/2 ppr, he lacks in basically everything, he’s 3-5, I have tried to offer him stuff before for one of them but he won’t bite, just offered him dak for Martin,the only other good player he has is gurley

Who are his WR ? I’d get Dak and okay Wr and trade hopkins

Crazy idea: Hunt, Abdullah and one of your QBs for Gurley and one of his QBs. Upgrades two positions significantly imo.

His wr’s are Watkins, Sanu, Jones jr, agholor, Inman and lockette

Rb’s are: gurley, yeldon, buck allen