What should I upgrade?

10 man .5ppr dynasty 6pt pass TDS
1QB 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE, 1D, 1K😅

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Sam Darnold
RB: Freeman, Lindsay, Cook, Hyde, P barber, It Smith, Rod smith, penny, Deon Lewis, Gus Edwards
WR: OBJ, Adams, Corey Davis, Kirk, Anthony Miller, DJ Moore
TE:Hooper and Njoku
D: Chargers
Picks: 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 4.07& 5.07

I like your team. You have good depth, especially at rb and qb. If wanting to upgrade I would look to your rb2 and wr3.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’m not confident in Lindsay’s size with the way they use him. But I’ll put some feelers out per your suggestions.

I suggest looking to flip Lindsay and the 1.07 for a guy like Kerryon. Lindsay is small, cheap (undrafted), and always has R. Freeman behind him. The 1.07 is always a gamble in a rookie draft and this class is especially desperate for top end talent; yes, it has depth, but anyone you get probably won’t impact your team for 2+ years. Meanwhile, a guy like Kerryon should be better than Lindsay this year and future years.
If you don’t like Kerryon, other guys might be: Chubb (might be lower valued b/c of Hunt), Guice (lower valued because of injury), or Michel (everyone is afraid of NE RBs). I think Kerryon is the most likely; but, regardless of the guy, trade Lindsay and the 1.07 for an upgrade.

Thank you for the input and logic behind your thoughts. Very well articulated. I love Guice, and actually have him.
My original plan was to trade my first this year for a 20 1st, because that class looks better.
I will take your advice, the guy who has Chubb also has carry-on and Royce Freeman. I’ll feel him out, (he’s a Denver fan)

Thats a good idea, going for the 2020 1st

I’ll let you know if I can get a flip.

Was just offered Watson and Sony for my luck, Lindsay and 19’ 2.07.

This is an accept immediately right?

Was just offered Watson and Sony for my luck, Lindsay and 19’ 2.07.
I should insta accept right?

Yes, accept!

Watson = Luck (maybe better because of age)
Sony > Lindsay
2nd round rookie picks are pretty much irrelevant.

So I really think that it’s a good deal. But I asked Jake ciely on Twitter and he said that it’s close but no. I put a lot of stock in his Opinion. So kind of split at the moment. I’m going to mull it over a little more.

I’m also considering packaging Andrew luck and Lindsay to try to get juju or stefon diggs. Or Zeke.

I appreciate the feedback though.

I agree that its close and although I don’t know Jake Ciely, if you trust him then by all means go with his opinion. If you don’t mind, what was his reasoning? I always like hearing competing views to broaden my perception.

He’s as good if not maybe a little better than the fantasy footballers when it comes to projections. He’s really good I highly recommend you check him out. But he’s not nearly as entertaining as the ballers.
So he basically said that it was a sideways trade with Andrew luck and Watson. And then running back is pretty much negligible in dynasty and that they’re similar and value. So to kind of do a sideways trade and give up a draft pick he said it doesn’t make sense.
Personally I don’t think anything outside the first round has much value 4 draft picks. And dynasties not really is stick he’s more of a redraft.I also like him cuz he responds to almost every question that’s thrown to him. Unlike the ballers I don’t think he has a hundred thousand followers or whatever. And he’s a writer for the athletic.
Sorry if any of this doesn’t make grammatical sense I’m doing talk-to-text.

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That’s awesome, thanks!