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What should my 3rd draft pick be?!


Hey guys, I wanted some opinions… I am in a 3 keeper league and am keeping: M. Evans, Zeke, and D.Freeman. I don’t have a draft pick until the third round and from where I’m mocking it looks like the next RB options are: Abdullah, D. Martin, T.West. The Wr’s on the board are Diggs, Brandon Marshall, Jamison Crowder…
I’m thinking of drafting Martin…
Am I crazy for this since I’m already dealing with one suspended player? He just seems to have the highest upside… and the other Wrs that are left don’t seem to really help my team. Any thoughts on this would be cool.


I’m right there with you and I love the crazy. I’d go Martin even though it’s the dumb move, but you gotta risk it for the biscuit! Be sure to grab McFadden and Quizz later and you’ll be set with 3 solid RBs for the rest of the season.


Even though this is a Full point PPR?! Sorry, just realized I should have added that in the description.


You’re pretty stacked at RB already and you only have one wr. Unless you’re starting 1 WR 3 RBs you might want to look at a wr.


Yeah, I get it… We start 2 but the flex is WR/TE… I have two picks in the 3rd. So I’m thinking RB WR.
Idk though part of me thinks go RB RB. And just trade one of the RBs once Zeke comes back.
I just not sure how I feel about Diggs, Crowder, D.Parker, but you make a good point that I’ve been thinking.


If you’re confident you can pull off a trade in your League then go with your gut. FF is about having fun and taking risks for me. Most of my leagues hate trading so it’s hard to pull off a trade at fair value.


Yeah I think I just gotta see who falls to me obviously, but you’re right I need a WR. Mike Evans is awesome but he can’t carry my whole team.