What side of this trade do you want?

My team is really solid, I’m just trying to move some players so I can bid for Joe mixon who just got dropped to the waiver.

Peterson and Lockett
AJ Green and Crowell

AJG side no question

This is not close for me. AJG.

It’s like trading AJG for nothing…now that Baldwin is back.

AJ side wins. My real question is how in the world does Mixon get dropped to waivers?

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AJ green…not a moment of hesitation

That’s a great question that I am not going to ask the original owner haha. I’m going to drop most of my FAAB to try to get him.

drop it all dude. you’ll never see that again haha.

AJ Green side for sure. Who would drop Mixon?! Spend all the FAAB