What TE do I play this week?

Clay and Davis are currently on my roster. Who should I play? Charles Clay, Vernon Davis, Stephen Anderson, or Ricky Seals-Jones? Or anyone else who you might think of on waivers…

I am currently in the second round of the semifinals and up 24 points on my competitor.

Second week of the semifinals*

I dont know what in the world is going on with vernon but i guess i would stick with him. If the last 2 weeks have just been too disgusting i would be fine going Anderson(believe houston just put fed and ellington in IR)
good luck!

With the offensive line issues. Niles Paul has been playing more at TE and staying in to block. I have this same issue and am starting Anderson.

Seems like Seals-Jones and Gabbert have something going. I’d be willing to roll him out against Tennessee.