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What the Crowell do I do


do i give crowell one more chance this week? said i wouldn’t after another dud last week
i picked up Gallman, have Riddick as well…

of these 3 who would you start (full pt ppr)


I’m a fellow Crowell owner. Starting Duke Johnson over him this week in my PPR league but of those 3 options I would give Crow one more chance. If he can’t do something here then there seems to be no hope. Game script should be much more favorable for him than it has been all year to this point


I actually dont mind him this week. I don’t trust what coachs say, but you gotta look into that a little bit. And on top of that, they are never ahead in games or even close, and they should be able to do that this week. I think its time to make him earn it!


in a full PPR typically you’d go riddick but Detroit has been using Abdullah much more recently so Crow might work out for you. If i was ranking them id probably have them back to back - like 29/30 edge to CROW - he is at home DET is on the road - and its the JETS.


i’m leaning crowell as well, but with zero passing options for CLE (no coleman or britt), I see the Jets completely loading the box
why has Riddick disappeared so dramatically?
Lions passing attack has struggled since week 1, you’d think they’d get him more involved…at least on 3rd down