What the F Melvin Gordon

I’m venting here and I’ve managed to dump and trade so many headache players, Josh Gordon, Fournette, Gronk to name a few and built my team below that I’m feeling really good about. A key part - Melvin Gordon. If he turns into another week to week hamstring issue I’m gonna flip - gown concerned should I be?
My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Cohen, Kerryon, Ito
WRs - Green, OBJ, Landry, Baldwin, Tre’quan Smith
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

Yahoo says he’s not on the final injury report. He was also questionable for like all of 2016 but he still balled out. I bet he’ll be aight

I hope so man… I’ve done well so far moving the injuries elsewhere but Gordon has been a beast for me this year and my Chargers. As a UK fan I’m always amazed by the amount of injures I see especially the non contact ones, maybe as a chargers fan I’m more exposed to them on a regular basis lol (smh)

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On my pltform (ESPN) Gordon is listed as Questionnable and gametime decision…

For what it’s worth I hope he plays!

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I use ESPN and he is a GTD. i have ekeler. (dj and lindsay were my rb this week) i have barber in my flex. would you flex ek on the chance gordon is limited, or out all together? or stick with barber?

That’s tough, if you have time to wait and see 30 minutes or so before kickoff I’d do that. I’m local to the game so I can wait but if it’s a bad time difference I’d leave it as late as you can and probably switch him out…

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Side point, Justin Jackson is third on the depth chart… I know Ekeler will get more work but given the type of back he is what’s the chances of Jackson potentially being more valuable?

As in I can see Jackson getting a share of early down work and possibly short yardage/goaline? Grab him or start Cohen, Ito instead?

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I LOVE Cohen this week and currently have him starting over Mark Ingram… I might switch Ingram back in because New Orleans is New Orleans and they’re going to scheme misdirection plays to create and exploit holes in the Ravens’ D.

Sorry about GORDON to all the Gordon owners. That is always devastating to lose a stud player like this, and since this is a hammy issue, I hope that doesn’t translate into a “week-to-week” status where he misses multiple games like Fournette or Cook…

It stinks about Gordon, but in my league, a guy I needed to lose for standings purposes didn’t take Gordon out of his lineup, and my opponent this week didn’t put Ekeler in his lineup! Need a win to go 3-4 and still have a fighting chance going against murderers’ row in the schedule…

Feels bad for me, I’m going against the only undefeated team in our league this week. And I’m one game behind. We’d have the same record if I win. Andddddddd Gordon went down for me. So that hurts me hard. Lol replacing him with Chubb and we will see what happens

I really like Cohen too this year, I juts want to see another game of similar or more snaps and touches to Howard and production to match and he’ll be an every week flex option for sure.
He’s becoming the playmaker for the Naggy offense that everyone hoped he could be, Kamara lite is really what he can do if he gets consistent useage.

I’m going Landry for now and I’ve got the luxary of having a virtual walkover myself this week as my opponent is crushed by the bye week losing Big Ben, AB, Adams, Conner and no depth. But if Cohen shines again I’ll have a hard time benching him or he’ll become a nice trade chip for me to package for an upgrade to a needy team