What the fuck chase edmunds you bum

As a David Johnson owner Injury reports all lead to him being active and having a role . They could not be anymore wrong with that one . DJ got me 0.40 points while Edmunds got me 54.60. Daniel Jones got 49.56 what hysteria in the distant world today . Fuck you chase Edmunds yes I have you stashed as well so it just hurts ten times as much

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Ouch, bro. That sucks. Sorry to hear that.

I was watching the stat lines like: wtf is going on? I thought he was hurt and I missed it.
Good luck the rest of the way bud

I did the same. Sat Edmonds for Henderson since Brown was out and was expecting a shootout. Also, kept Pettis in for MVS since MVS was banged up going into the game. Wish I woulda checked the weather.

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I know man. So lame. I had him stashed and then dropped him as soon as it came out that DJ was playing (not the DJ owner). Then DJ comes in for a single play and is done. Lame

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Yeah I’m pretty salty as well I have edmonds stashed and got a whole 2 yards from johnson. Not even on the list but dosnt play essentially…

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I had literally had two ducks in my line up . Pettis and Johnson


How did Daniel Jones get 49,56 points ?!?!

What crazy bonus leagues did that happen in? He registered 14.42 in my league
223 yds
1 TD
35 rush yds
3 turnovers