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What the heck do I do with my RB2 😖🤢🤷🏻‍♂️


14 man full PPR. I went WR beach at my draft and landed AB, DT, Larry Fitz (Moncrief and Jordan Matthews on the bench)

Cam newton at QB and currently platooning Charles Clay/Jason Witten until I make sense of the TE position (I also have ASJ because: with a fairly deep bench, there are no decent players avail and I could stick him in my IR/Reserve slot, but I’m aware it’s stupid lol)

Once Woodhead went down it left me with:

Crowell, Paul Perkins, Marlon Mack, Tolbert - I’m trying to trade but I’m in a pretty stingy league

I obv have to roll Crowell out there, but I feel like I’m totally screwed at RB2…how can I trust any of these chuckleheads? I think Mack will be relevant in about 3-4 weeks, but until then I guess I have to start Perkins who is arguably the WOAT

Any advice? Thanks. (Also, thisnis my first post ever, so be gentle if I did something wrong lol$


I would agree, you can’t trust any of those ‘chuckleheads’ beyond Crowell. Sounds like you aren’t getting any favorable responses with trade offers. However, if you haven’t already considered this, you could possibly package say Perkins or Mack along with either of your TE’s for a better RB2?

Otherwise, hope and pray your WR core can perform consistently enough to get you some W’s. Lots of upside this week for Fitz and if he balls out I would possibly try trading him, while his value on the season might be at it’s highest point providing he does have a good game this week, for a better RB2.