What the hell do I do?

I have Ertz and O’Leary rostered with Olsen on IR…
I have great backs but lack in the receiver area…

Trade Ertz

I completely agree. What do I target though??
I have Hunt, Miller, McCoy, Martin, Keenan, DT, Parker, the ghost of Pryor

Obviously need receivers. What kind of team would give away a WR1 for ertz? high end WR1?

if I could do Ertz and Martin for Bell… that’s a for sure win right?

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If you could pull that off, yes!

Then I would just hit the waivers for sanu, stills, ginn, etc to pick up some receiver help

It’s a win, but the Bell owner won’t do that. I like the idea of packaging Ertz and a piece to upgrade at that position

ok thanks, and what’s your advice on TE play? keep oleary till clay
returns? target clay? stream with whoever is best available?

ertz, Miller, Watson, pryor for Ingram and Evans?

I like that but you could probably get a boom bust receiver or back up RB from them as well.

What about Ertz, Miller, Dak for M. Thomas, D. Murray, and Tate?

I like that trade more. The talk about Murray losing touches has not happened and the bye will give him time to recover. I am hoping for a very big second half for Murray. Thomas is on a high power offense with top tier talent. I do not like the Tate part but I think the other pieces are strong enough to cover for that.

What is your advice on TE play? I have Nick Oleary and just waiting on Olsen

I would use him and stream. Olsen sounds like he is recovering well.

I actually like the other trade better. Dak will likely continue to be a top 5 guy rest of the year and is pretty much matchup proof.

Ingram has a nice floor now that Peterson is gone and has shown what his ceiling looks like over the past couple of weeks. Evans is one of the most consistent high scoring WRs in the league, and best of all, both of those guys have already had there bye. It’s tough to let Ertz go, but that’s a huge upgrade at WR, and I think O’Leary will be serviceable. I would target Clay, but it also depends on who else is out there.