What the hell to do with this mess?

QB-Alex Smith
WR-Dav Adams
TE-Jared Cook

WR-Evans (BYE)
WR-M Williams
TE-Doyle (seriously thinking about dropping him soon)

So…my quandry is WHO THE HELL TO START/SIT/FLEX!!!

A million thanks for any help y’all!!! I’m almost bald after these past couple of days!!! LOL: :sweat:

Definitely thinking about sitting Tevin, but can’t decide whether to stick Lamar or Dion in. AND…stuck on deciding between Stills or Keelan to FLEX. GRRRR!!! Of course if Davante Adams plays, I almost have to start him…but…if he doesn’t???

LOL…I told you it was a MESS!!!

I’d play Dion over Tev if PPR this week and leave the rest as is


@Justahermit…GEEZ…seeee….I told you I was just about nuts over this. I usually never forget to add: PPR. SMH

But…thanks a bunch buddy. Yeah, was thinking the same about Dion.

This could be a solid game for Dion. And who knows how Atl RB play will be with Freeman, Tev and Ito looking capable

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@Justahermit…so…you’d play Keelan in Flex over Stills?

i think you have it right actually. i respectfully disagree and would play tevin over dion.


Coleman over Lewis all day. There shouldn’t be any defensive play from either team in Pittsburgh. I’d also probably play Mike Williams in his nice match-up with the Raiders.

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@falcones404. Interesting. Just really worried about Tevin. He’s about like Lamar…ain’t been doing squat lately. And with Freeman prob coming back, even tho he’d be questionable as to production. I’m usually a little leary of first game back after out from injury with most players.

Not doubting you my friend by any means, and appreciate your feedback more than you know. Just curious, I reckon, as to your thoughts on it.

Keelen is a must play with what Oak is giving up on defense. Everyone expects this Pit/Atl shoot out, yet both teams coming out saying they want to run more. There will be points, but Tev has Freeman and Ito to worry about and Dion just Hnery.

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@Both_Barrels_Blazing…wow. That’s two votes for Coleman. Now y’all got me wondering. LOL

I’d want a piece of ATL-Pitt as well even when both are playing together Freeman>Coleman combined put up better stat lines than Henry/Lewis have together so far.

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Good point @psychosem17!!!

So is everyone assuming Ito gets 0 touches now? Without Freeman Tev has been to 10-15 point range each week. Tenn against Buffalo, people don’t expect Dion to have a solid game here?

If Freeman is getting his full workload I think Itos totals dip. First week back I am not sure Freeman gets that. Still leaves plenty of room for Tev in a plus matchup.

Tev has been in plus match ups and in the 10-15 point range. Freeman back doesn’t help that one would think. PPR just seems Ten has a match up that is safer for Lewis.

@Justahermit…actually I’m glad you brought that up. That was one of the reasons I was considering Dion for the first time since the draft:BUF. Interested in what the general concensus might be on that.

@falcones404 ….ok…so just checking here…

i think you have it right actually.

So, you’re thinking Keelan over Stills for FLEX??

Just want to say MAJOR THANKS to everybody that contributed their thoughts and feedback!!! That’s why I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place and y’all!!! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SITE AND THE BEST OF THE BEST in this Community!!!

Wishing everybody the best of luck this week…and THANKS AGAIN!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

if it was my team, i actually would just roll the dice and play Mike Williams at flex. it’s one of dion/m williams/cole for me. and i just like the M Williams matchup and upside the most. there’s a distinct risk of getting few to no points out of him though. if you want the guy who is guaranteed to at least touch the football, i’d actually play Dion. He’s probably the most conservative option. But I would play Williams for the upside.

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