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What to do about baldwin!?


Do I play Ingram over him in my flex? Or wait and see? I have paul Richardson on my bench also. PPR


I’d probably throw Ingram in there. I just don’t trust that Baldwin will play or be effective if he’s in. That game could get out of hand early leading to a lot of running for Seattle so I dont trust Richardson either. Ingram has been very involved in the running and passing game so he’s my pick.


I’m in the same boat, but I have Sanders and TY Hilton on standby and can’t decide what to do


Sounds like Doug is going to play.


Where you seeing that?


Definitely go Sanders man!!


I agree with you, I’m plugging Ingram in!


Would you go Sanders over Baldwin then?


Sanders over Baldwin is an absolute must.


Why is Sanders so hot? I know nothing about him


I would, yes


I stacked Sim and Sanders in my DFS this week. That matchup is wayyyyy too
nice not to plug him in. Especially if Baldwin isn’t going to be 100% if he
DOES play


He’s a target monster, and he’s the underneath guy. So Simien is going to
throw to him a lot. He’s always been his #1 target. Against a weak OAK
defense, he’s a must start this week.


I also have TY Hilton, still pick Sanders?


Sanders is a top 20 WR in the league right now. He gets targeted by Trevor and I would trust him over Hilton until Luck comes back and proves that he is healthy


Yes. TY going against Seattle AT Seattle with a backup QB=bad time


Thanks all, sorry to whoever created the thread, feel like I’ve hijacked it


Not a big deal at all man haha


Would you start Baldwin or Gillislee at flex this week? Baldwins matchup is great but the Sunday night game is killing me about his questionable status


It’s tough man, I think you have to go Gilli