What to do about CEH

What do i do with CEH now that Bell just signed with the chiefs? Titling I little knowing his snap percentage is going to go down. Am I hoping for a good game this week and try and trade him for an upgrade? Or am I over thinking it? Full PPR

Same predicament here. A league mate just offered me either Thielen OR Diggs for CEH. I don’t think he knows (or cares about the Bell news). That would leave me with Jacobs, Taylor, Gibson, and Henderson at RB, and I’ve been struggling at the WR position.

Yea I tough because who knows. I’ve it’s a hunt/Chubb situation, it would be great but now I’m leaning more to hopefully he has a good game and I think I’ll just shop him to upgrade my WR

As a CEH owner I am trying to be positive. Chiefs have been able to support multiple RB’s in the past, and I hope Defenses focusing on Bell can maybe help CEH. Maybe CEH gets motivated, maybe Bell is washed. Maybe Andy Reid is a genius and will use CEH until playoffs, then unleash a Lev 'Bell package after fantasy season lol That is the best we can hope for. Bell will need a couple weeks to get integrated and CEH has been delivering RB2 numbers anyway, maybe he can keep that pace.

Do we think that bell will be on par with CEH the rest of the year? I think he could finish above him (from this point on) because of the passing game work

I picked up Bell as soon as I heard the news, going to give it a couple of weeks to see which one might be more fantasy relevant. Hoping that if it turns about to be a timeshare and they are both low end RB2s I can trade one. CEH looked great against Buffalo, I don’t think he’ll just be taken out of the mix all together.