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What To Do About Hunt?


After getting off to a rocky start, Kareem Hunt had an amazing night. But now the question is: do we ride with Hunt or do we try to sell him high? It definitely depends on the roster and depth at position but I just want a general consensus.


I’m rolling him out there every week. Just the Andy Reid factor when it comes to RB production.


I’ve got Freeman, Zeke, Hunt, Crowell, and Martin. If Zeke ends up being suspended 2-9 then it’s an easy choice. But if he can play then I think I’ve got a conundrum.


:astonished: I see what you’re saying. Nice group of high-end backs. Maybe look into splitting the difference of the two suspensions before you make a move.


Ive been contemplating the same thing… my backs are Gordon, Howard, Hunt, Martin, Ty Mont lol… had Abdulla too but i traded him for ARob straight up… just contemplating whether i trade Hunt for a WR stuuuud or roll with 5 guys I love


Keep him, put Crowell in a 2 for 1


I have to hope that Crowell has a good game. I can’t see my leaguemates going for a trade involving a Cleveland Browns player. I mean I know Crowell is good but the other members aren’t as informed as I am. If Elliott is free to play, I think I’d try to shop Freeman around. I think I could land someone solid on name recognition alone.


Great point there can’t expect everyone to be as informed as us lol I like your plan better


The Cooper owner just walked over to me(we work together) and made it known that he wants Hunt. He also owns McFadden(I have Zeke) so I was thinking of trying to squeeze him into the deal and offer him Hunt for both of them. My other WRs are: Keenan Allen, Devante Adams, TY Hilton, Pryor and B Marshall.

It’s worth noting that I drafted Hunt in the 13th round about 20 minutes after the news about Ware broke. League was in the dark.


sell high buy low. so if an offer comes your way you just cant say no to, then hell yeah do it. but fr the most part, looking at oyur RBs im keeping him for a while.


My OBJ for Hunt?

My other RBs are Gurley Powell West Blount Perkins

WR’s are Baldwin Pryor Theilen Tyrell Williams Golladay


Full PPR 12 teams 1QB 2 RB 2WR 1TE 1 FLX 7 BN


I’m holding Hunt and moving other pieces… For example, I have Bell, Hunt, CJ, Abdullah, and West. If Abdullah and/or West have a solid week 1, I’m going to try to move them.


I would be shopping everyone not named Freeman and Hunt. You should be able to get some top notch receivers