What to do about Luck (week 1)

Just submitted this question but also wanted to post here:

So lets just assume Luck is going to miss week 1. I just picked him up along with Dak in a 2QB league. I waited a bit to long and ended up getting Trevor Sims for my bench qb to help me through week 1. Looking at the wire right now, notables that I see are Glennon (vs ATL), Savage (vs Jags), McCowan (vs Bills) or Tolzien and Brissett (vs Rams). And by notables I mean guys who could maybe play week 1. Should I stick with Sims vs the Chargers?

this league is a 4pt QB league and QB gets 1 pt for 50 yards instead of standard 25 yards. Also bonus points for 425 yards thrown but lets be honest. Not really an options with these guys.

Thanks in advance for your input. Cheers!