What to do about Mike Evans?

What are people doing with Mike Evans? I feel like he is so widely unpredictable that you cant trust him. Do you try to trade him for a more stable but maybe lower ceiling guy? Godwin seems to be taking all of his targets and outside of one monster game he hasnt put up nearly the numbers you would want. Whats your thoughts?

Interested in hearing feedback here as well… Currently I have godwin and Evans as my WR1 and 2… Its working because if one guy has a bad game it seems the other has a good game and Winston is providing fantasy points every game to one of the two… I feel like I miss out on upside though putting all my eggs in the Tampa Bay basket… Having trouble finding a good trade partner though. I tried to target Keenan Allen, I tried packaging him with some depth for Michael thomas. No luck with either so far.

Maybe target someone like allen Robinson not a big name compared to Evans but getting the volume. Might be willing to part with a spotty offense. Or maybe get two lower guys with upside like Corey Davis or mclaurin