What to do about Murray, Ajayi and McCaffrey

How’s everyone handling these three backs crashing and burning over the first quarter of the year? Is Ajayi really gonna get a bigger role since Cutler crapped the bed, the same applies for Murray since Mariota is hurt. And it looks like Carolina is using McCaffrey but he hasn’t made it to the promised land yet this season despite that.

I am just holding on. I have no worries about Murray, he’ll be ok. McCaffrey is a rookie, and it’s still early in the season. Ajayi…just hang in there.

I’m also a worried Ajayi owner. But I’m holding out in the hope that he has another beast game for me to then trade on the back of it. Hold on!

I personally feel like Ajayi has more hope than Murray. At least he had solid plays that were brought back by penalties.